DHCC Board Member Position Description


Position Summary
The Board of Directors oversees and directs all of the business and activities of the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre, Inc. (DHCC). The Board is responsible for long- term planning, marketing, financial development planning and annual budgeting. The day-to-day operation is delegated to the Executive Director, staff, designated independent subcontractors and volunteers. It is the responsibility of the Board to promote DHCC to corporations, foundations, government organizations, and to individuals to broaden its service base as well as its financial base.

Specific Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of each Board member to:

  1. Attend all 5 Board meetings; ask for sufficient input to give informed opinions and make decisions; read all materials sent in preparation of the Board meeting.

  2. Counsel the Executive Director as needed

  3. Support the organization by contributing time and money

  4. Maintain membership in the organization

  5. Evaluate the work of the Board as a whole

  6. Evaluate the work of the Executive Director

  7. Serve on at least one Board Committee (the Chair of the committee reports at each Board meeting and convenes committee working meetings Between Board meetings.)

General Information
The expected time commitment is an average of 4 hours per month. Board meetings are approximately 2 hours in length, 5 times a year.

Board terms are 3 years each for up to three consecutive terms. After the third term, a Director could be retained annually.

We want our Board to have diverse representation from the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing communities with the intent that the majority of the Board is served by its deaf and hard of hearing members.

The following are some of the requirements for the position:

  • Belief in the mission of DHCC

  • Commitment to execute the role and responsibility of a board member

  • Absence of any conflict of interest

  • Experience serving as a volunteer or board member is an asset

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