Board & Committees

DHCC Board

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Board Majority

DHCC is a non-profit organization and is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board designates day-to-day management and authority to the Executive Director who in turn designates responsibilities to staff. DHCC is governed by a set of bylaws and one of the most important is to maintain a Deaf and hard of hearing consumer majority. Lillian Hoshauer, a Deaf woman, had the vision to establish DHCC and it is important to us to receive direction from and be accountable to the people we serve.

Board Recruitment

DHCC is looking for new Board members with vision and a passion to serve. Since our founding in 1972, the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC) has been recognized as the most effective organization in promoting communication accessibility and cultural awareness for Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people in the Philadelphia region. The Board, with a majority of Deaf and hard of hearing members, and staff guide us in our accomplishments.
DHCC is most interested in finding individuals to serve on our board who share our passion to improve communication access. The applicant should have some volunteer experience and prior Board experience is an asset. We have a need of someone who would be able to advise us on legal matters as they arise during board meetings and in the office. We also have a need of individuals with skills in marketing, human resources, technology, and/or fundraising.
DHCC has a by-law that mandates us to have a majority of Deaf and hard of hearing Board members. We encourage individuals with a hearing loss to apply. Other individuals that make good Board members are those with a family member with a hearing loss. Please review information about us throughout the website and the short description of Board member duties and expectations. If you are interested, click here to view the application form. You can send the form to Neil McDevitt at

Current Board Members

  • Charles McFadden  – Chair
  • Todd Miller – Vice Chair
  • Tammy Vondra – Treasurer
  • Pat Pomroy – Secretary
  • Richard Budney
  • Joy Harris
  • Karen Leslie-Henry
  • Benjamin Magee
  • Marsha Miceli
  • April Nelson
  • Maggie Petrillo

Board Members Emeritus

  • Lillian Hoshauer

Interpreter Services Advisory Committee (ISAC)

Current ISAC Members

  • Joy Harris – Committee Chair
  • Jeanne Bonnes
  • JoAnn Chapman
  • Maribel Escarfullery
  • June Goodwin
  • Mary Hesser
  • Neil McDevitt
  • Marge McHenry
  • Nancy Neff
  • Sarah Reed
  • Heather Schmerman
  • Brian Smith

Consumer Advisory Committee

  • Todd Miller – Committee Chair
  • Ben Magee
  • Kevin Schaffer
  • Colleen Schaffer
  • Alesya Starayeva
  • Dominic Gordine
  • Connie Wallace
  • Paulette Fisher
  • Charles McGowan
  • Teraca Florence
  • Neil McDevitt
  • Kyle Rosenberg
  • Tanya Sturgis