Arlene Long Memorial Fund Application

Applicants that meet eligibility requirements may proceed to fill out the application form below.

  • Applicant Contact Information

  • Background Information

  • Information about Training Requested

Individual Eligibility
An individual is eligible to apply for the ALMEF fund if he/she is a current DHCC member, has not received funding from DHCC in the past year and meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is current working interpreter for DHCC
  • Is current working ASL instructor for DHCC
  • Is close to qualifying as an ASL instructor for DHCC and needs additional training
  • Is close to qualifying as an interpreting for DHCC and needs additional training

Acceptable Programs
The following types of continuing education and training programs meet the eligibility for funding:

  • Workshops
  • Non-credit classes
  • Post-secondary classes
  • Professional conferences

In return for the scholarship, a recipient of the Arlene Long Scholarship funding will reciprocate to DHCC and/or the Deaf community by choosing to contribute in one of the following ways:

  • Volunteering at DHCC
  • Working for the DHCC Emergency Service and/or CIP
  • Joining a DHCC committee
  • Volunteering with PSAD
  • Volunteering with an agency or consumer organization with a mission similar to DHCC.