Upcoming workshops:


 Stay tuned for upcoming workshop announcements!


Workshop examples:

DHCC coordinates workshops for different purposes and different target groups, including Deaf and hard of hearing people, hearing people, and interpreters.

  • Deaf and/or hard of hearing people: Self-advocacy, How to Use an Interpreter, Rights to Communication Access
  • Hearing people: Deaf Culture Sensitivity Training, Impact of Hearing Loss, Communication Strategies, How to Use an Interpreter
  • Interpreters: Deaf/Hearing Teams, Legal Interpreter Training

DHCC’s workshops may last two hours or two days. We can design workshops to meet your needs. Please contact us at 610-604-0450 or email to learn more.

Continuing Education with DHCC

DHCC is committed to promoting continuing education for interpreters, and has been an approved Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) sponsor with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) since 1994. We have the responsibility to offer, endorse and ensure the quality of activities offered for CEUs. DHCC must meet strict RID administrative criteria in order to maintain this status and is subject to ongoing monitoring and an audit every four years. This means DHCC can help you earn CEUs. Please note – you do not have to be a DHCC interpreter to earn CEUs through our agency.
There are a variety of ways to earn CEUs. Click the links below for paperwork and detailed instructions. Please note Independent Studies and PINRAs MUST be pre-approved by DHCC before any paperwork is submitted.

    • Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA): Attend a professional development opportunity offered by an organization that is not involved with interpreting and is not an RID Approved Sponsor. PINRAs must be pre-approved by DHCC at least two weeks prior to the event.
    • Independent Study: Design and implement a project by yourself or with a small group of interpreters to develop specific skills or knowledge. Independent Study activities must be pre-approved by DHCC at least one month prior to the start of the activity.
    • Academic Coursework: Attend a course at an accredited institution.
    • RID Approved Workshops: If a workshop is RID approved, the advertising information will include the RID CMP logo, and there is no paperwork to submit to DHCC. Interpreters simply attend the workshop and provide their RID information to the event coordinators.

If you are interested in earning CEUs, please email, to discuss the details. It is required to get in touch with her at least one month before the start of an Independent Study and two weeks before a PINRA event. This allows time for event approval and completion of any required paperwork.
If you are interested in presenting a workshop and offering CEUs to your attendees, please contact us at least 45 days before the event to discuss the details and complete the appropriate paperwork.
DHCC charges a fee for using our CMP service; these fees are reduced for DHCC members. Click here to download the current CMP sponsored activity fee schedule. Click here for more information about becoming a DHCC member.