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DHCC Interpreter, Joy Harris, interprets for Mayor Kinney’s Press Conference in January 2016 (photo courtesy of NBC10)

Advantages of Hiring Sign Language Interpreters through DHCC

A sign language interpreting agency, like DHCC, does all the time-consuming “leg work” associated with calling interpreters and finding a qualified interpreter to work with you and your Deaf consumer. For example, if a scheduled interpreter becomes ill at the last minute, or for any other reason cannot make the assignment, DHCC takes the responsibility to find a qualified interpreter as a replacement. DHCC has an excellent reputation in the community and has experience providing interpreters in all types of situations. Furthermore, DHCC is familiar with the communication needs of the Deaf consumer(s) and knows which interpreter has the skill to work most effectively with a particular Deaf person(s). We also determine if a Deaf/hearing team is necessary for effective communication with a particular Deaf individual.

DHCC will gladly answer any questions you may have. Contact our Interpreter Referral Department at 610-604-0450, option 1 or e-mail us at

PA Interpreting Law: Act 57

Pennsylvania passed Act 57 in 2006 to ensure that Deaf and hard of hearing consumers who use American Sign Language could rely on the quality of the interpreting service they receive. DHCC follows the law and ensures that our interpreters are certified through their professional organization RID and registered with the Commonwealth. Click here to review the Sign Language Interpreter and Transliterator State Registration Act more commonly know as Act 57.

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Are You Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Need a sign language interpreter? Watch this video to learn what to do.