New Change for DHCC’s Social Media!

There are new, exciting changes for DHCC’s Social Media platforms. Each day, we’ll be talking about a specific topic such as community outreach, ASL, interpreting, and events. We’ll even dig into the archives to find old pictures of DHCC events. We want you to join the conversation! Tell us what you want to see!  Please like DHCC on Facebook and make sure to spread the word!  Thanks for your continued support!

Check out our vlog below! Please note, captioning is available for this video by clicking the “CC” button.

We've had a tough year. Can you help?

2021 will challenge us in profound ways. We continue to find ways to provide important programs and services to our community, but we need help from our donors like never before. 

You can help our DHCC by making a tax-deductible donation today. Every dollar we raise allows us to continue critical programs that our community has come to rely on DHCC for. Thank you for your support, now more than ever.