Individual Donor Program Levels and Benefits

Carlin Society ($999 and up)

This special level of support reflects a level of commitment and philanthropy in support of the Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind communities which is so generous we cannot adequately express the appropriate level of gratitude. However, we will gift you with a DHCC Team Jacket, embroidered with your name and “Member of the Carlin Society”! 

Roger Brush
Edward Meisarosh

Founder ($500-$999)

Helps to underwrite 50% to 100% of the cost of one student at the Summer Leadership Camp

Steven Datlof
Zahra Memon
Barbara Montgomery

Sponsor ($250-$499)

Helps to underwrite 25% to 50% of the cost of one student at the Summer Leadership Camp

Randy and Paulette Fisher
Joy Harris
Karen Leslie-Henry
Lillian & Glenn Hoshauer
Neil & Susan McDevitt
Todd Miller
Pat Pomroy
Robert & Kathy Wesche Jr.

Supporter ($100-$149)

Helps to underwrite the cost of one student at an ASL class.

Iris Boshes
Sandra Braunstein
Leah Clevenger
Joan Cohen
Harvey & Mary Ann Corson
John Dinubile
Emily Donati
Gail Harris
Jean & Joe Johnson
Rebecca Ledder
Julie Gould Marothy
Charles McFadden
Ardelle McGowan

Todd Meierhans
Rachel Owens
Steve & Marcia Plotkin
Dave Raymond
Artina Sheikh
Richard & Jo Ann Simon
Wing Yun Julie Suen
Albert & Jocelyn Tenney
Stanley Travis Jr.
Joseph Troyanovich
Ted & Shelly Urofsky
Eve & Dennis West

Educator ($150-$249)

Helps to underwrite the cost of one student at an ASL class.

Samah Abdallah
Julie Baxter
Kathleen Campbell
Eileen Casey

Christy / Brian Hennessey
Mary Hesser
Neil & Sarah McDevitt
Jill Fox Rosenberg

Sustainer ($50-$99)

Helps support 50% of the cost of one night of Emergency Interpretation Services (EIS)

Deborah Becker
Richard R Budney Esq.
Susan Carmichael
Stephanie Chuipek M.D.
Mark Drolsbaugh
Josephine Durkow
Virginia Feazell
Jami Fisher
Maia Geiger
James & June Goodwin
Jess Harnly
Qudsiya Hussain
Sharon Shapson Imber

Kimberly LaCoste
Sally Martin
Bryan McGee
Marge & Dave McHenry
Kathryn M. Midgley
Amy Moores
April Nelson
Ashani Rubin
John Schmidt
Susan Stone
Chad Thomas
Deborah Warshauer
Wendy Weisband
West Chester University

Donor ($10-$49)

Support the mission of DHCC!

Rabiah Basith
Marilyn Blair
Jeanne Bonnes
Angela Cavalier
Stephen Cohen
Frank & Anne Conrad
Rebecca Daniel
Dianne J Davis
Catherine Fiorello
Mark Forcinito
Savannah Garrison
Gia Garzone
William & Maryanne Gibbons
Beverly & Dennis Glass
Gail & George Goldberg
Dana Granieri
Ryan Graver
Patricia Hampel
Heidi J Hartley
Holly Hawkins
Tanya Hess
Cecilia Jenkins
Edward Jenkins
Rhonda Johnson
Veronica Johnson
Jerome Knast, Ph.D.
Eugene Krajewski
Allison Lamond
Michael and Amy Levithan

Ben Magee 
Andrea & Marc Millstein 
Louise Montoya 
Rebecca Morales 
Arianna Neromiliotis 
Florence O’Donnell 
Kaitlyn Parenti 
Diane Peterson 
Dennis Reboli 
Diane Rismann 
Marilyn Rubin
Jane Satanoff
Andrew Schick
Cindy F. Shapiro
Cynthia Skema
Colleen Schaffer
Ann Sevec
Nancy & Jeff Shubach
Noel Susskind
Donna-Marie Thiergartner
Amy Thomas
Megan Toomey
Robert & Caroline Tunkel
James Vail
Thomas Walker
Joe & Sandy Ward
Sharon and Scott Weiler
Cynthia Williams
Evy Williams
…and over $1,000 in anonymous donations!

Foundation Support 

Joseph Kennard Skilling Trust
The Community’s Foundation

Maguire Foundation

Corporate/Business Support 

Giant Markets Bags 4 My Cause
Office Practicum
Acme Giving Tag Program

Tri-State Training & Safety Consulting

 Donor listings for the year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 are current as of 5-12-20.