CART or Real-Time Captioning

CART stands for Communication Access Real-time Translation.  It may also be referred to as real-time captioning.  It is used by hard of hearing and deaf people who use English as their first language and/or their language of instruction.  Most often, the hard of hearing or deaf person can voice for him or herself (expressive communication) and uses CART to understand what others are saying, especially in meetings, classrooms or large events (receptive communication).
A captioner (CART provider) uses a court reporting stenography machine, a computer and software to display everything that is being said, word for word.  The text is displayed on a computer, television or projection screen.  A captioner will come to your event for onsite CART services.  For remote CART services, the captioner is offsite and the text appears on the computer or screen at your location.
Do you have questions about CART/Real-Time Captioning? Click here to download a PDF of DHCC’s Real-Time Captioning (CART) FAQ.

Become A CART Customer

We have an excellent reputation and a long list of satisfied customers including hospitals, educational institutions, government departments and businesses.
To become a CART customer, contact our Interpreter Referral Department (IRD) at 610-604-0452 to obtain our rates and policies. We will send you information to review, approve and return so we may enroll you for services.


For information regarding the CART captioner’s role when performing his/her job, please visit the following links: